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Go to ProductTank Austin

ProductTank Austin

ProductTank Austin is a Meetup.

Focus: Case studies by PdMs in Austin

  • Meet-ups every other month
  • Happy Hour every other month
  • Go to The Product League

    The Product League

    The Product League is a Meetup.

    Focus: Skill building for PdMs

  • Monthly Meetups
  • Go to Women in Product

    Women in Product

    A Product Community Focused on Women Doing Amazing things in the Product Community

  • Frequent Talks and events

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    About Product In Austin

    Why We Exist

    Product In Austin is a site that encompasses multiple Product-oriented Meet-ups in Austin,TX. This is essentially the One Portal for all Product Meet-ups and Events in Austin. Our Agenda? Helping you get connected into the Austin Product Community, and making the Austin Product Community better through the process.

    Site Organizers

    Mark Stephan

    Organizer of ProductTank Austin

    Founder of ProductHired, CPO Kredya

    Dan Corbin

    Organizer Product League

    Sr. Dir. of Product Mgmt, Return Path